Hi I am Williams.

You have 2 options when it comes to life. You can either get busy living or get busy dying.

The same thing happens when it comes to starting & running a successful online business. 

You can either continue to believe their lies out there or read the rest of this letter and hopefully make  an informed decision now.


So what  the heck is the truth anyway?

Truth #1: If you are just getting started, you will not make a million dollars in your first month. And there is NO magic button that will automatically help you get all the traffic, visitors to your website. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN THAT WAY. IT IS B.S!! It takes a lot of strategy, patience, right information, right environment, perseverance and more.

TRUTH #2: Can anyone do this?
Of course anyone can do this. Lots of folks who are NOT even half as smart as you are  are doing it everyday.IT IS NOT EXPENSIVE TO START EITHER. Lot easier! . But their success did not happen overnight. THEY made a lot of mistakes along the way before they became successful online.


To make money online, to start a successful online business, you need  2 things.

1.You need to know how to generate traffic to your website. (Traffic in this case means people. You need how to get people from wherever they are on the internet such Facebook, Google, MySpace, etc. You need to be able to convince them to visit  your website)

And when they  reach your website.

2 You need to be able to convince them to buy whatever you are selling on your website.

To get  people to visit your website, you need money to do that. [it is not that expensive. something you can learn]
In order to convince them to buy something from you, you need to learn a skill called copy writing.[copy writing is not that hard to learn either. In fact you don’t need to be an expert copy writer ]. All you need is to  have a better idea  of how copy writing works.

And when they are on your website, you need a product that these folks will buy right?

The good news is that you don’t need to create the product or any product if you are just getting started. You can always sell some one else product  to get started. The person whose product you re selling could give you as much as 75% commission  for each product you sell. That is called affiliate marketing.
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THAT IS WHY I am amazed at  the high percentage of people that fail in an attempt to start and grow their online businesses.
Because the  truth is that it is not supposed to be that way. They are not supposed to fail if only they implement some simple strategies.

Here you will learn the hidden secrets, strategies that most people will never know about starting and growing their businesses by using the internet as a platform.

So whether you are interested in starting or growing your business, this letter is for you.

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Because several years ago when I came to the internet like many other wanna entrepreneurs, I screwed up royally.

It is a long story will I will tell you more when you join my newsletter but the brief version of it is that I came online with a perfect FICO score. My credit rating believe it or not was 730 and above!

No kidding.

But by the time these guru’s finished with me my score was down below 300. It was so bad all the credit card companies cancelled all my credit cards at the same time. I could not even open another checking account.

All of a sudden, everything fell apart! EVERYTHING!

I was bouncing checks left and right. Nothing was working.Very long story. I strongly hope you will join my newsletter so that I can help you with my story.

Here is one of many reasons why that happened.

I had no system, no specific direction, no mentor, I was walking alone in the dark.

I bought it all. Sad thing is that some of the courses that I bought I DID NOT even need.

What do I know? I thought I needed them at the time.

In fact a lot of these course were re-positioned. They were the same thing but given a different name.

Plain and simple, I was stupid, dumb to say the least.

To cap it all, I HAD some crazy offline problems that I will once again tell you about in my newsletter.The problem I had offline was the kind of problems that only take years to correct. It’s like having “cancer”. You can’t have cancer and expect it to go away just like that. It will take time!

Just when I thought I was about to overcome one particular problem, another one surfaced. At a point I even became homeless. Got another apartment and one thing led to another, lost my job, threatened with eviction notice. First time in my entire life.

Here is the worst part, my apartment got burnt and I had to start all over again. Lost the courses I paid expensively for.

So let me ask you a few questions?

How well do you handle stress?
If you already own a website,do you know how to generate traffic to your website on a consistent & profitable basis?
Assuming you know how to generate traffic to you website, how well does your website convert visitors to buyers?
If you own a web based business and you are still working longer hours, then you are doing it wrong. So how
many hours do you work on your web based business everyday?

Can you take days off and still have your web based business still produce profit?
Are you working your business or your business is working you?
How optimized is your sales process?
I can go on and but you got the picture.
But if you don’t have a web based business yet,
now is your turn to get one.
But first let me ask you a few questions also.

Editor’s Note:Don’t give up.Downloads at bottom!

Do you know how to Generate Dozens of Product Ideas Combining Both Passion and Profits?
How much do you about generating traffic to your websites?
Have any system in place yet?
Do you know how to Find Markets That Virtually Guarantee You An Income From Day One?
How well do you know about your prospective customers?
How well do you know about your prospective customers hidden emotional buttons?
Listen, I can go on and how about these questions but I REALLY don’t want to waste any more of your precious time.

I know you are a very smart person and you know exactly what to do next.

Right now you have 2 OPTIONS .
OPTIONS 1 is to ignore everything I just said and just go away and continue to walk in dark, trying to figure out how to stat or grow you business.
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You will learn how to be your own boss
You will learn how NOT to be on anyone else’s time again.

When you choose Option 2 ….

You can operate from anywhere else in the world.
A business that will let you take as many time off as you desire .

……….and a lot more.

Option 2 will help you live LIFE to the fullest, trust me. Option 2 is life.
So what is it going to be my friend?

If you choose option 2,

I will even give you some success blueprints that will help you no matter what your challenges are.

I will also provide you with some customized solutions to meet your needs.

A rare opportunity to ask your most challenging questions.
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